How to Attach an External Microphone to a Sony Camcorder

By Brandon Getty

Capture better audio using an external microphone on your Sony camcorder.
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If the audio playback on your Sony camcorder sounds tinny, flat or is just not loud enough, you'll need to invest in an external microphone to help boost sound quality in your videos and give you control over mic placement. Though most consumer-level Sony camcorders do not provide an audio jack that will accept an external mic, pro-level models can accommodate one. After you connect your mic, your audio's depth and richness will greatly improve.

Step 1

Locate the microphone shoe-mount panel on the top of your camcorder near the built-in microphone unit.

Step 2

Loosen the screws which hold the panel in place over the microphone shoe mount. Remove the screws and set them aside in a safe place.

Step 3

Lift off the panel to expose the microphone shoe mount. Place the panel along with the screws. Slide the microphone's shoe plate into the mount until it is seated firmly. The microphone will not feel loose or shake when seated properly.

Step 4

Open the jack panel near the back side of the camera. You should see several input holes, all for various audio accessories.

Step 5

Plug the microphone's connector cable into the external microphone input hole. An icon of a microphone will appear next to the appropriate hole.

Step 6

Switch the microphone's power switch on and it is ready to begin recording audio.