How to Attach an Electronic Signature to a Message in Microsoft Outlook

by C. Taylor
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Microsoft Outlook 2010 lets you create multiple electronic signatures that can be easily attached to an email message. Using an email signature prevents you from having to type your name, contact information any other information at the bottom of each email message. You can opt to have the signature automatically attached to every new message or you can manually attach the signature to each email.

Create Electronic Signature

Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook 2010. Open a new message by clicking the "Home" tab and then "New E-mail."

Step 2

Click the "Message" tab. Select "Includes" and then click "Signature." Click "Signatures..." from the dropdown menu that appears.

Step 3

Click the "E-mail Signature" tab and then click "New."

Step 4

Enter a name for your signature and then click "OK." This identifies the signature, which can be different from the name that appears in the signature.

Step 5

Type the text you want to use for your signature in the "Edit signature" box. Format the signature's appearance using the various formatting options located above the box "Edit signature" box. You can alter the font size, color, font and a number of other options.

Click "OK" when you are finished creating the signature.

Add Electronic Signature Automatically

Step 1

Open a new message. Click the "Message" tab and then click "Signature." Click "Signatures..." in the dropdown menu that appears.

Step 2

Click "Choose default signature." Click to select the email account you want to assign the signature to under "E-mail account" list.

Step 3

Select the signature you want to use from the "New messages" dropdown list. You should also select this signature under "Replies/forwards" so it automatically appears at the bottom of message you are replying to or forwarding.

Click "OK" to save your changes.

Add Electronic Signature Manually

Step 1

Open a new message.

Step 2

Click the "Message" tab. Select the "Include" group and then click "Signature."

Click the signature you to include in the email.

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