How to Attach a Cell Phone Lanyard

By Laura W. Smith

Protect your cell phone by attaching a lanyard strap.
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Today's cell phones feature many invaluable options for their owners, from providing Internet capability and connections to social media sites to helping a person keep track of appointments, make and receive phone calls, and text message. It's no wonder many people want to protect their phones by attaching a cell phone lanyard to help prevent damage, loss and theft. Luckily, most cell phone lanyards are easy to attach to your phone.

Step 1

Locate the lanyard holes on your cell phone. Most phones, with the exception of some smartphones, have a set of two small holes located on an edge or corner of the phone. The holes are usually located at the top of the phone to one side or the other and are included for the specific purpose of attaching the phone to a lanyard or other strap.

Step 2

Choose a lanyard strap with loops thin enough to fit through the holes on your cell phone. Some cell phones include a lanyard wrist strap in the box when you purchase your new phone. A digital camera lanyard also works well. You can even purchase cell phone lanyards in an array of unique designs. Just be sure the end of the strap that goes through the lanyard hole is thin enough, yet sturdy enough, to hold the phone securely.

Step 3

Loop the lanyard strap through the lanyard holes on your cell phone. Pull the strap through until it is tight.

Step 4

Look for alternative ways to attach a cell phone lanyard to a smartphone or a phone that does not have lanyard holes built in to the casing. For example, lanyard straps for the iPhone use the phone's USB port for the attachment of a lanyard strap. For some phones, you may be able to remove the back casing and attach a lanyard using the speaker holes, other holes or openings in the back or by making your own lanyard holes. Be sure that the casing is sturdy and thick enough that it won't crack if you add lanyard holes.