How to Attach My CCTV DVR to My Computer

By James Clark

i computer cable image by timur1970 from

A closed-circuit digital video recorder is equipped with a variety of ports for hooking up audio/video components, including computers. Once it is connected, you can use the computer to monitor surveillance video or to review recorded video and audio.

Step 1

Attach a Video Graphics Array cable to the back of the DVR.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the cable to the computer.

Step 3

Attach a set of audio cables to the Audio Out jacks on the back of the DVR, using the white plug for left audio and the red plug for right audio. If the DVR has a single (mono) audio output, connect the white plug only.

Step 4

Connect the plugs on the other end of the audio cables into the Y adapter, or use a single RCA to 3.5mm jack adapter. Both are available at most stereo and computer stores.

Step 5

Connect the miniplug on the Y-adapter to the Line In jack on the back of the computer.