Does AT&T U-verse Go Through a Phone Line?

By Allison Horky

Ethernet cords are larger than traditional phone lines.
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AT&T U-verse puts your Internet, TV and home phone on one bill and one service. It is also possible to individually purchase any of the components through AT&T. AT&T U-verse does go through a phone line for your landline service, but the Internet and TV service enters your home through Ethernet or fiber optic cables.

AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse is the catch-all term for the integrated service of having Internet, TV and voice services provided by AT&T in your home. U-verse provides high-speed, wireless Internet, digital cable service with HD capabilities and a home phone service with battery backup. These components were made to function together, but you can also purchase any one of them individually. Which one you purchase dictates which type of line is needed in your home to make the component function properly.


High-speed, wireless Internet comes into your home through an Ethernet cord. This component of the system does not use your phone line because the company is not able to offer high-speed connectivity through your phone line only. The cost of the service increases as the speed of your Internet increases, allowing for faster download and upload speeds. You must have Ethernet installed in your home to utilize this service.

Digital TV

AT&T U-verse utilizes fiber optic cables when possible to connect your TV to their cable service. A standard receiver or a DVR-enabled receiver is connected to your TV, both with high-definition (HD) capabilities. This system also allows you to schedule the shows you want to record, even from your phone or computer. The more HD and premium shows you want, the more your service costs.


AT&T's phone services use traditional phone jacks already installed in homes.
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AT&T allows you to purchase landline services that utilize the existing phone line in your home. You do not have to change your current phone number or even buy new devices. Aside from the standard phone features of call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling and voice messages, AT&T's phone service comes with a battery back-up and is equipped with Enhanced 911. Professional installation is available, but you can also install the system yourself to save on cost.