AT&T U-verse Compared to Cable & Dish Networks

By Luke Arthur

Picking the right cable TV service for you can be difficult.
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AT&T U-verse is a fiber optics television and Internet service that is in direct competition with satellite and cable in many markets. If you are considering switching over to AT&T U-verse, it definitely has a lot to offer. At the same time, it does have a few potential drawbacks to consider.


When comparing the availability of all three services, U-verse is not as widely available as the other technologies. Cable and Dish Network have been around for many years and in most areas, you can get either option. If you live in a rural area, you can only get Dish Network. Dish Network can be accessed from anywhere because you only need a view of the sky. If you want to find out if U-verse is available to you, you can visit the AT&T website and type in your address. If it is not available to you, you will not need to worry about making the decision.

DVR Capability

One of the attractive features of the AT&T U-verse service is the DVR capability that it provides. With the AT&T U-verse DVR, you can record up to four shows at the same time and watch them back on any television in the house. You can pause a program and then continue watching it in another room. With cable and satellite, you may only be able to record up to two programs at a time and you may need to pay extra for a whole home DVR. The Dish Network DVR only allows you to connect to two TVs, but it does provide some other options. For example, with Dish Network, you can get a DVR that has SlingBox technology already built in. This means that you can watch your television shows over the Internet on a smartphone or on a computer.


With the AT&T U-verse service, you can use some additional features that may not be available with your other service options. For example, with AT&T, you can view Flickr photos from your television. You can go to a games channel that allows you to play games on your TV. You also get access to the U-Bar, which provides you with information in a condensed format as is the case with a news ticker. Many cable providers and satellite services do not provide these features.


The prices of U-verse, cable and Dish Network are comparable, but have a few differences. As a general rule, Dish Network is cheaper on most packages, although the packages may not have the exact same channels. Cable can be higher or lower than U-verse, depending on your regional provider options. U-verse pricing varies, and it is regularly offered with incentives such as cash back and lower prices for the first year or six months of service.