How to Find an AT&T Samsung Flip Phone Model Number

By Andy Warycka

Cell phone model numbers are typically found on the label under the battery.
i Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Knowing the model number of your Samsung flip phone is important if you need to find accessories or replacement batteries. While phones may share model names across multiple carriers, the actual model numbers may be carrier-specific, so you can’t just go by name. Taking a minute to determine your phone’s model number can keep you from buying the wrong accessories, saving you time and money.

Look Under the Battery

To find your model number, remove the back cover of the phone (if applicable) and the battery. On the label under the battery on the back of the phone is an alphabet soup of letters and numbers, but the one you’re concerned with will have “model no” printed next to it. Most Samsung phones will have this as the top line under the brand, carrier logo and product description. If you’re having trouble locating it, look for the number that begins with SPH, SGH or SCH -- these are the most common model number prefixes for Samsung phones.

Other Options

If you don’t have the phone in front of you, you aren’t out of luck. Check a copy of your bill to see if the phone’s model number is listed with your plan data. Failing that, if you purchased the phone from AT&T, it will have a record of the model number so a quick call to customer care can clear things up.