Does AT&T Replace the Backup Battery on U-Verse?

By Kimberly Turtenwald

Battery backup allows for operation in the absence of electricity.
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AT&T U-Verse offers consumers the ability to combine the services they use within their home, including television, broadband Internet and telephone. Each of these items requires electricity to operate. This means that you need to have a battery backup if you need to use any of these services in the event of a power outage.

Initial Backup

When you purchase AT&T U-verse services, AT&T installs several pieces into your home to allow you access. This includes a residential gateway, optical network terminal and intelligent network interface device. Each of these units works together to allow you access to the U-verse features. These units also each require a battery backup. When you first get your service installed, AT&T supplies you with the required battery backup. This free battery is included only the first time the service is installed into a home.

Backup Replacements

Over time, the battery backup for each unit installed in your home expires. You can tell that the battery needs replacing when the red light is lit. When you require a new battery, AT&T does not replace the battery. Users are responsible for maintaining the battery backup for each of the three units installed in the home. To purchase a new backup battery, users must contact the manufacturer to find out where to buy a new one.


When your AT&T U-verse battery backup needs replacing, it is important to recycle the battery rather than throw it away in the garbage. Throwing it away creates a pollution hazard. Each manufacturer for the U-verse backup batteries offers a recycling program to those who need it. This may involve mailing the battery back to the company free of charge. The batteries can also be recycled anywhere that accepts batteries for recycling, such as electronic stores.


Some of the equipment installed goes with you when you move. This includes the residential gateway and the intelligent network interface device. Therefore, the battery backups for these devices are only covered when you initially receive the devices. After the first one, you must replace them. However, the optical network terminal is installed onto the home and does not go with you. Therefore, if your new home does not already have one, you will receive a new initial batter from AT&T. But if there is already an optical network terminal installed at your new home, you are responsible for a new backup battery if needed.