What Is an ATI I/O Communications Processor?

By Ruri Ranbe

The ATI I/O Communications Processor controls the Enhanced Host Controller Interface and Open Host Controller Interface on ATI motherboards using the RS400, RC400 and RC410 chipsets. The EHCI provides support for USB 2.0 and the OHCI, USB 1.0 and USB 1.1.

How It Works

Without the ATI I/O Communications Processor, legacy USB and high-speed USB devices would not function on your PC. To communicate with the component, your operating system requires drivers for each USB controller: one for the EHCI controller and two for the OHCI controller. These controllers enable applications to send instructions to, and receive information from, plug-and-play devices. If the USB ports on your ATI motherboard stop working, you can download and reinstall the drivers for the ATI I/O Communications Processor from your computer manufacturer's website.