What Is Atheros Wireless LAN?

By Ryan Grant

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Atheros Communications Incorporated is a company that delivers Internet connection capabilities. Atheros also provides a wide variety of services, such as wireless LAN Internet connections, Bluetooth connectivity and more.


Atheros Communications Incorporated was formed over 10 years ago, in 1998.


Atheros features a wireless LAN tool called "JumpStart." JumpStart is essentially an easy-to-use installation wizard that allows you to set up a network with a single click of a mouse. JumpStart also has the ability to add additional devices to a network, including MP3 players, digital media players, gaming devices, digital cameras and cellular telephones.


Atheros is one of the leaders in WLAN (wireless local area network) performance. Atheros utilizes a technology called signal-sustain, which improves data transfer input rate by up to 50 percent. Atheros also provides its customers with enhanced wireless capabilities called Super G and Super AG, a technology that they developed themselves. Super G and Super AG delivers its users an astounding 108 MB/s (Megabytes per second) data transfer speed. Atheros also includes another technology that they created, called WNPU (wireless network processor units), which improves Ethernet support and data transfer.