Asus Motherboard Diagnostics

By Mark Applegate

ASUS motherboards have troubleshooting options.
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ASUSTek Computer, Inc. offers a full line of computers as well as their trademark line of motherboards. The ASUS motherboard has a variety of troubleshooting and diagnostic options available which add value.


The manufacturer's website offers basic, level-one troubleshooting options. It gives a tree of potential repairs centering on "blue screen" evaluation, with advice depending on whether you can install the operating system or not. It also offers a complete line of errors and frequently asked questions.

AI Net 2

Most ASUS motherboards offer their AI Net 2 diagnostic tool that diagnoses Ethernet errors and reports them. Some motherboards in their line refer to this tool as the Marvell® Virtual Cable Tester™. They also come with Precision Tweaker software that lets you view and adjust CPU voltage as needed. You can also adjust the memory Front Side Bus with this tool. While this is technically a performance tool, it is also helpful in diagnosing CPU failure.


Available third-party software and hardware-based tools range from PCI card Power-on Self Test (P.O.S.T.) tools that, when you insert them, will offer a code to look up for diagnosing faulty components, to software-based bootable disks that will scan for errors and defects.