What Is an Asus Direct Link?

By David Perez

AI Direct Link requires an Ethernet cable connection to enable file sharing.
i yellow ethernet cable on dotted background image by .shock from Fotolia.com

Asus Direct Link, otherwise known as AI Direct Link, is a technology that allows users to create a file-sharing network. The feature supports gigabit Ethernet speeds provided all computers in the network also support such speeds.


Asus built AI Direct Link directly into select motherboards, such as the P5E, P5Q and P5N-D. AI Direct Link users have a location known as an “Incoming Folder.” They can place any file in this folder to make it available to anyone in the network.


The AI direct link connection enables users to share files at rates in the gigabits per second (Gbps), that is, in the billions of bits per second. These speeds allow for quick transfer of large files. For example, a 90-minute digital video can take hours to transfer at megabit per second rates, but only minutes at gigabit rates.


To enable the feature, users must connect the Direct Link capable computer to another computer with a gigabit Ethernet controller. The other computer must also have the Asus Direct Link utility installed.