How to Arrange Emails on the iPhone

By Jen Cordwainer

Arrange your iPhone emails by priority level, VIP senders, category and threads.
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You can link multiple email accounts to the Mail app, which enables you to arrange messages across all accounts, or finely sort emails in specific accounts. You can control message views, conversation options, mailboxes, priority markings and VIP settings from your iPhone. Your settings will sync with your email account so that they are consistent across other Apple devices.

Mail Settings

Open your "Settings" and tap on "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars." You can control some of the general organization of your messages from this panel. Scroll down to the "Mail" section and tap the "Show" section. Choose how many recent messages you would like to see listed in your Mail app, between "50 Recent Messages" to "1,000 Recent Messages." If you want the Mail app to bundle your conversations by thread, then switch on "Organize by Thread." If you leave it off, each response will appear as a separate message within your Mail app.

Customizable Mailboxes

You can sort your email messages into customizable mailboxes on your iPhone. Open your Mail app and navigate to the "Mailboxes" menu. Scroll down to "Accounts" and select the email address for the messages you want to arrange. Press "Edit" and select "New Mailbox." Type in a name for your mailbox, such as "Work," "School," or "Friends." This will create a mailbox within that specific email account. You can move messages to this new mailbox by opening your inbox, pressing "Edit," selecting multiple messages and tapping "Move." Choose your new mailbox from the list, and your selected messages will be moved.

Marking Messages

Individual messages can be flagged or marked as unread. This can help you prioritize important messages or remind you to read a message later. Open your Mail app and tap an email message you wish to mark. Press the "Flag" icon and choose "Flag" or "Mark as Unread" from the pop-up menu. If you return to your Mailboxes menu, you will find a category called Flagged, which contains all of your flagged messages, collected from all of your email accounts.

VIP Senders

Your iPhone can automatically mark messages from important senders with a special VIP indicator. If you want to designate a person as a "VIP sender," open an email message from her on your iPhone. Tap the contact's name on the "From" line and press "Add to VIP." A small star icon will mark any new messages from this contact. VIP messages will also display in the "VIP" category in your "Accounts" folder. You can take someone off the VIP list by tapping the contact name in a message and selecting "Remove from VIP."