How to Get Around a Domain Blocker

by Vivek Saxena

If your school, college or company is somehow preventing you from accessing popular websites such as Facebook and Bebo, then it is very likely that they have installed a domain blocker. These are Internet modules that allow network administrators to block websites according to their URL address. The good news is that you can get around a domain blocker by using a short code URL or a proxy server. Another option is to try accessing the website directly via its IP address.


Direct your browser to, a site that allows you to convert any website's address to what is known as a short code URL. Type the address of the website you want to access in the textbox and click "Moo!" Copy and paste the short code address into your browser.


Log into HideMyAss, a proxy server that will access the website on your behalf and then transfer the content it acquires back to your screen. Type the URL of the website you want to access into the textbox and click "Hide My Ass!"


Try accessing the website by using its IP address instead of its URL. To obtain the IP address, access another computer. Click the "Start" menu button. Select the "Run" option. Type "Command" in the box. Type "ping URL" in the next box (substitute the "URL" with the URL of the website) and copy and paste the IP address that pops up.

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