How to Archive Verizon Voice Mail Messages

By Melissa King

If you use your Verizon cell phone to keep in contact with co-workers, family and friends, you probably know how quickly your voice mail inbox fills with messages. Once the inbox is full, the Verizon server begins to delete older messages to make room for new ones. Archiving your voice mail messages solves this problem. Archived messages are saved to your phone's "My Sounds" folder or an external memory card, if one is inserted.

Step 1

Power on your Verizon cell phone. If you intend to archive your messages to an external memory card, such as a microSD card, insert it now. The procedure for inserting a memory card varies, depending on your phone model. Generally, the card slot is located on one side of the phone or the other.

Step 2

Dial "*86" and then press "Send" to access your Verizon voice mail inbox. Scroll through your messages until you find one that you want to archive.

Step 3

Tap the right soft key, labeled "Options," on the screen. Press the "OK" or "Enter" button to choose "Archive."

Highlight the location where you want to save the voice mail message and press "OK" or "Enter." If you are using an external memory card, your choices will be "My Sounds" and "External Memory Card." Saving to a memory card lets you remove the messages from the phone and save them on your computer, if desired.