How to Archive Kindle Books

By Veronica Summers

Holding 3,500 books at once, an Kindle 3 is like your own personal library in your hand. As an avid reader, you may not be able to resist buying books, reading sample chapters and downloading free classical literature, such as "War and Peace" and the "Complete Works of William Shakespeare." But, just because you can store so many books on your Kindle doesn't mean you should. Keep your Kindle library organized by moving, or archiving, books to the Amazon server once you have finished reading them. By archiving a book, you remove it from your Kindle. At any point in time, you can retrieve the book from Amazon's server and re-read it on your Kindle.

Step 1

Press the "Home" button on your Kindle.

Step 2

Scroll down with the controller until you underline, or highlight, the book you want to archive.

Step 3

Press the left arrow button on the controller. The Kindle will display the message "Remove from Device."

Step 4

Press the middle button on the controller. The Kindle removes the book from your book list and deletes it from the Kindle. The book is permanently stored on Amazon's servers for you to retrieve in the future. You can find your book by looking in your "Archived Items" folder.