How to Arch Text in CorelDRAW

By Nick Peers

Shape text into arcs, circles and spirals in Photoshop.
i Screenshot courtesy of Adobe.

In CorelDRAW, you can apply effects and transformations to most elements, including text boxes. For instance, you can arch text to obtain a stylish effect for your graphics. The text box controls don't have an arch option, so you need to use a different method. If you have a curved path and a text box, CorelDRAW can fit the text to the path. You can use any path, including Freehand and Pen paths, and can even type directly on the curve without creating a new text box.

Step 1

Launch CorelDRAW and open the graphic that you want to edit. To open a graphic, press "Ctrl-O." To create a new graphic, press "Ctrl-N."

Step 2

Click the "Text" tool or press "F8." Click and drag on the canvas to create a new text box, and then type or paste the text you want to arch into the box.

Step 3

Create a curve. The easiest way to create a curve is to hold the "Pen" tool, select "3-Point Curve" from the menu, click and drag on the canvas to create a straight line, and then move the cursor up or down to curve the line. Click again to finish the curve. You can also use the Freehand or Pen tool to create curves.

Step 4

Click the "Pick" tool, hold "Shift," and then click the text box and the curve to select both elements.

Step 5

Click "Text," and then choose "Fit Text to Path" from the menu to attach the text to the path. If you select the "Text" tool and click the curved text, you can edit it just like you would edit a normal text box. In text editing mode, right-click the text and choose "Text Properties" from the context menu to display the Text Properties pane.