How to ARC Text in Flash

By Foye Robinson

Create arched text in Flash.
i Color curve image by Dumitrescu Ciprian from

You can create text within Adobe Flash by using the text tool and then formatting it horizontally or vertically. The Properties inspector enables you to format text even further. As with other objects in Flash, text can be broken into elements and regrouped. If you need to arc text, you can separate each element of your text to create the shape you want. Converting your text into a symbol makes it easier to work with after it has been edited.

Open your Flash file and select the "Text Tool" from the tool palette.

Choose a text format from the "Properties" inspector and then type your text onto the stage.

Convert the text into a symbol by selecting "Modify" and "Create Symbol" from the toolbar or by pressing the "F8" key on your keyboard. Name the symbol, choose "Graphics" and press "OK."

Open the Library by choosing "Window" and "Library" in the toolbar, or "Ctrl+L," and double-clicking on the text symbol within the Library to edit it.

Select the text, then click on "Modify" and "Break Apart" in the toolbar or press "Ctrl+B" to break each letter of the text apart.

Choose the "Subselection Tool" from the tool palette, then select the letters individually until you have the arc design you want.

Regroup the text in the Library by selecting "Modify" and "Group" from the toolbar, or "Ctrl+G." Then click on "Scene 1" in the time line to return to your main Flash screen.