The Best Apps to Upload Videos to Facebook

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Facebook's social networking features enable you to share content, from videos to links, with all of your connections. There are two main ways to upload videos to Facebook: using the native uploader or a third-party app. Depending on what you want from a video uploader on Facebook, one method may work better for you than another.

Native Uploader

The native Facebook video uploader doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it can post videos to your Facebook Timeline and save them in the "Photos and Videos" section. While Facebook supports more than 20 types of video files, it recommends using MP4 video to get the best upload possible. The aspect ratio of your video must be between 9:16 and 16:9; unlike with photos, the it must be smaller than the upload size listed on your upload page. Facebook won't resize your videos, though the audio may be resampled. The maximum frames per second, FPS, on your Facebook video uploads is 30.

Third-Party Apps

As of publication, there are no third-party Facebook apps that enable you to upload videos directly to Facebook. However, you can upload your videos to sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Qik, and then share them on your Facebook page with apps designed by both the video sites and third-party developers. The videos won't be saved on Facebook in most cases -- though Qik allows you to save streaming videos after the stream is complete -- but the apps give others access to the videos you want to share.

Mobile Apps

If your mobile device doesn't support the native Facebook uploader, download an app that enables you to upload video through a third-party source. In most cases, these uploaded videos are saved on your Timeline as if you had used Facebook's app. The app you ultimately choose depends on the mobile device you're using. Socialcam, recommended by "The New York Times" in 2011 for iPhone and Android, is, according to the newspaper, "the most talked about social video app." It prompts you to log in on your Facebook account when you launch the app. Microsoft recommends using the native Pictures app to upload video to social networks, including Facebook, in its explanation of how to use various Windows Phone apps. In 2012, ZDNet mentioned Viddy as a Facebook-endorsed app that helps users on Android and iPhone platforms share videos on Facebook.


Many popular sites you can use to live stream a video feed can place that feed on Facebook as well. These services include Ustream, and Livestream. You generally must activate a profile on the site that offers live streaming, then create a channel and link it to the Facebook app to begin streaming your video.


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