What Apps Come With the iPhone 4?

by Chris Anzalone

The iPhone 4 allows you to download applications that suit your personal lifestyle and needs. But before you even begin surfing the App Store and customizing your phone, explore the default apps included with the iOS operating system. You cannot delete these apps from your iPhone, but most are useful for all users.


The "Phone" app contains your virtual keypad (for dialing numbers), saved contacts list, voice mail and recent call history. Use this app to make and monitor phone calls.


"Safari" is Apple's official Web browser. Use this app to surf the Internet just as you would on your home computer. Note that Web surfing requires data usage if you have no available Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) source.


"Mail" is Apple's email client. You can add up to 10 email accounts and keep track of incoming messages in real time. You also can send email messages.


The "iPod" app stores your saved music. Using this app, you can instantly turn your iPhone into an iPod digital media player. Sort through your music playlists and listen to your favorite songs on the go. Also, use this app to watch movies and TV shows.

Camera and Photos

The iPhone 4 contains two complementary applications: "Camera" and "Photos." Use the "Camera" app to take photographs, which save in the "Photos" app. Whenever you save or import any photos using your computer or "Safari" app, you can find the image in the "Photos" app.


Use the "Messages" app to send, receive and archive your text messages. The app has the look and feel of an instant messenger, making it easy to carry on conversations in real time.


The "Calendar" app not only allows you to look up days and dates, but you can use this app as a daily planner, assigning notes and events to different days and setting up audio reminders.


The "YouTube" app allows you to view any video from YouTube on your iPhone 4. Use the "Search" function to search for videos or browse popular and recommended videos.


The iPhone 4 comes equipped with three apps designed for making instant purchases. The "App Store" allows you to download new applications, "iBooks" lets you download digital books and "iTunes" enables you to download music and videos straight to your iPhone.


The iPhone 4 includes other apps specifically designed for productivity. Besides the "Calendar" app, you can use "Calculator" to make instant numeric calculations, "Notes" to set up reminders and jot down important information, "Maps" to find accurate GPS directions and "Voice Memos" to record quick audio reminders for yourself. "Stocks" allows you to keep track of Wall Street, "Clock" to access a digital stopwatch, timer or alarm, and "Compass" to keep your direction at all times.