How to Apply for a Loan Online

by Missy J. Talbot

A loan is an amount of money that a bank or financial institution lends you. In exchange, you pay the loan back in small increments, along with a percentage of the loan called interest. If you need a large amount of money for something, and have the means to pay it back bit by bit, you can take out a loan at your bank. You can also take out a loan at online banking sites. Common loans include mortgages, home equity and auto loans.


Go to your own bank's website. It can be easier to get a loan from your home bank, because they already know you, know your financial history, and know what type of money you can make. Click on your account and then find "Applications." In the list of applications, there should be a couple of different loan options. Read the descriptions of the loans to see if they fit what you need. Then choose "apply online" to start the loan application.


Check out other banks in your area. Try to choose a local bank, in case you need to sit down with a bank officer in person. Look at other bank's online sites and click "Applications" or "Apply for a Loan." Banks may have different types of loans listed on the home page, and you can click to read more about them and to apply for them, either online or in person.


Look for online lenders. Some lenders, like Eloan, CreditLoan, and CitiFinancial, have online loan programs. Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau before you take out a loan from a bank located only online. The BBB can help you make sure the company is legitimate. Also take note of the interest rate. Some online loan companies may charge you a higher interest rate than regular banks.


  • close Make sure you have a secure Internet connection when entering personal financial information.
  • close Only provide your financial information to a reputable organization.

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