What Is an Application and Driver Recovery DVD?

By John Williams

Application and driver recovery disks usually are packaged with your new computer.
i a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from Fotolia.com

Application and driver recovery DVDs come your computer's operating system. The applications on the DVD are often programs, such as free trials of antivirus software and typically a media program, which the user can use to make CDs or DVDs. The device driver files on the disk are used to allow the hardware in the computer to work with the operating system. Without these files, devices such as your video card or sound card would not work.


The purpose of this disc is to provide users with all of the extra add-on programs that come with their computers. The DVD also provides all of the device driver software required to use the hardware. Such hardware includes the wireless, Ethernet and video cards. The application and driver recovery DVD is typically used after you've reinstalled the operating system on your computer.


You do not have to worry about managing software licenses, as they are all hard-coded into the software. Another key benefit is that you have all of your driver software located in one location, which helps you in the event that you need to reinstall Windows.


A common misconception is that the applications on the DVD can be used for other computers. When a manufacturer creates an application and driver recovery DVD, it is specific to that model of computer. Each disc is coded with a check program that reads information from the BIOS, which is the coded information about the computer, to verify the computer is made by the same manufacturer.

Another misconception is that the application and driver recovery DVD is the operating system. In order to restore the computer to its original condition, the operating system disc and the application and driver recovery DVD are required.


Keep the DVD in a safe location. If the disk is damaged or lost, you can get a replacement disk for the computer from the manufacturer; however, the manufacturer will charge a fee and shipping costs.


Installation of the applications and device drivers is extremely simple. Place the disc into the DVD drive on the computer; most manufacturers have them set to auto play. Once the program starts, check which applications are needed and click on the "Start" or "Begin" button. The rest of the process is automated by the software. Once it is finished, restart your computer.