Apple iPod Model A1236 Instructions

By Jason Taetsch

The iPod A1236 or the 3rd generation iPod Nano features digital playback for your songs, pictures, audiobooks, podcasts and videos. Use the iTunes application included with the iPod to upload your content to the device's hard drive so you can enjoy your files while on the go. Once your content is on the iPod, your just a few taps of the iPod's scroll bar away from listening to a song or viewing a video.

Insert the software disc that came with the iPod into a disc drive on your computer. Click the "Next" button in the installer window and click "Accept" in the window that appears. Click "Install" to install the iTunes software to your computer.

Open iTunes and click "File." Click "Add To Library" and click the folders that store your digital media files. Click "Add" to copy the files into the iTunes library.

Connect your iPod to your computer with the iPod USB cable and the iTunes application will automatically appear. Click "Yes" in the window that appears and click "Sync" to upload your content to the iPod Nano's hard drive.

Click the "Eject" button next to the iPod Nano's name in the "Devices" list to disconnect it from iTunes.

Tap the "Play" button on the iPod and scroll to the "Music" option and press the "Select" button to select a music file to listen to. Scroll to the "Videos" option and press "Select" to view one of your digital videos or scroll to the "Pictures" entry to view one of your digital photos.