How to Append Data in Access

By Greg Lindberg

If you want to append data in one of your tables in the Microsoft Office Access application, you can run an append query. Using an append query allows to add new records to a table that already exists in your data by copying data fields. Appending your data for your database can be especially helpful when you want to create a new table or query that is based on the criteria of a table or query that already exists.

Open the Microsoft Access application and click the "Microsoft Office" button. Click the "Open" option and select the database that contains the data you want to append.

Click the "Open" button and the database file will open. Click the "Create" tab and select the "Query Design" option.

Double-click the table or query that contains the data you want appended, and click the "Close" button. Double-click on each field that you want to append in the Query Design dialog box.

Click the "Design" tab and select the "Run" option. Click the "Home" tab and choose the "Design View" option. Click the "Design" tab and select the "Append" option. The Append dialog box will appear.

Click the "Current Database" option and choose the destination table from the Table Name box. Click "OK" and the appended fields will appear in the Appended To row.

Click "Run" to run your append query at any time. Click the "Microsoft Office" button and select "Save" to save all of your changes.