Apex DVD Player Troubleshooting

by William Pullman
CD´s image by Tribalstar from Fotolia.com

Apex DVD players work without problems under most circumstances. On occasion, however, the DVD player may malfunction or operate in a manner that is not intended. Most users occasionally have trouble with the video, sound or regular playback of a disc. Unless there is a serious problem with your machine, you can fix most issues by troubleshooting the player itself.

No Video or Sound

Lack of video or sound is often the result of an incorrect connection between the DVD player and the television. Check that the video and audio wires on the back of the player and the television are connected securely to the right jacks. Make sure each colored wire is connected to the corresponding colored jack. When the wires are secure, makes sure the television is set to the correct input mode. For most televisions, this is "Video 1."

Unstable Brightness

DVD players have copy protection security features installed to keep users from making copies of videos played on the DVD player. If the player is hooked up to the television through a secondary device, such as a VCR, the security feature is enabled. The security feature will continuously adjust the brightness of the video display from bright to dim. To prevent this from happening, connect the DVD player directly to the television.

No Video Playback

There are several reasons why your Apex DVD player may not play back videos. First, check that the disc is resting on the disc tray correctly and with the label facing up. If the video still won't play, check the disc for scratches or fingerprints. A disc with a considerable amount of scratches will not play in the machine. Fingerprints or smudges can be removed by wiping the disc with a clean, soft cloth. Make sure you wipe the disc from the center outward, as wiping it in a circular motion could damage the disc. Another cause of a disc not playing is the parental lock level is set too high. Change the parental lock by pressing the "Setup" button on the remote control. Press the right navigation button to highlight "Preference Page" and press "Enter." Highlight "Parental" and press "Enter." Using the up and down arrow buttons, choose a different ratings level and press "Enter." When prompted for a password, if you have not already set a password, enter 3308. Try to play the disc again. Finally, an error may have developed in the hardware. Reset the player by powering down the device and unplugging the power cord. Plug the power cord back into the outlet and try using the DVD player again.

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