APC Battery Backup Instructions

By Aaron Ratliff

An APC battery backup device is designed to protect your electronic devices against power surges and failures. With these systems, your devices can be turned off properly when a power outage occurs, preventing harmful system crashes from occurring. Installing your APC unit properly ensures that your equipment is protected from both of these common hazards.

Step 1

Remove your APC unit from its box and place it in a proper location that is free from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Step 2

Connect your electrical devices to the unit. Make sure that the computer and monitor are plugged into the outlets labeled "Surge Protection/Battery Backup."

Step 3

Run a phone cord from the wall outlet to the "Phone In" outlet on the unit. Run a phone cord from the "Phone Out" outlet on your unit to your telephone.

Step 4

Plug in your APC unit and power it on.

Step 5

Plug the USB cable that was included with your APC device into your computer. Connect the opposing end into the "Data Port" outlet on the APC unit.

Insert the CD that was included with your APC device into your computer's CD-ROM drive. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the APC device software.