How to Take Apart an HP 8250

by Carl Pruit

Taking apart an HP 8250 printer requires some patience, but can be done in about an hour or two with some basic tools. Occasionally, you may find that the printer needs to have updated Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) boards or other parts need repair. Taking the printer apart is not a difficult job. You can disassemble the device by unfastening the plastic tabs and removing the screws, saving you time and money.

Unplug the power cord of the HP 8250 from the electrical outlet before attempting to take the printer apart. Place a small flat head screwdriver into the slots on the front of the dark gray bezel on top of the printer, and unlatch the plastic clips.

Insert the small flat head screwdriver into the slot in the back of the grey bezel, and unlatch the plastic clip. Remove the dark gray bezel and set it out of the way.

Slide the light gray arm over on the bottom of the printer, near the front, and detach the light gray cover from the front of the printer. Set the cover aside, and remove the side covers by pulling them off the printer.

Lift the molex connector off the top of the circuit board by gently prying it away with a small flat head screwdriver. Unfasten the three screws that secure the circuit board to the printer with a hex head screwdriver.

Detach the CMOS battery from the circuit board by hand, and disconnect the control panel switch assembly from the printer with a small flat head screwdriver. Remove the ink absorber tub and ink cartridges from the printer, and unfasten the Printed Circuit Assemblies (PCA) from the HP 8250.


  • close Always unplug the power cord of the HP 8250 printer before attempting to take the unit apart.

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