How to Install AOL Desktop Version 10.1 on Windows Vista

By Pallab Dutta

AOL's features-rich and quite comprehensive Internet software is widely accepted and downloaded by users worldwide. The latest version AOL® Desktop Version 10.1 is now loaded with new features, which enhance and manage all your Internet browsing and emails and also allows advanced navigation capabilities. If you have a Windows-installed PC, then it is recommended to install the latest AOL® Desktop Version 10.1. Installing the AOL Internet software on your desktop involves a few steps.

Step 1

Call up the AOL home page from the Resources section.

Step 2

Scroll down, and under the Services section, click "Downloads". You are taken to the Free AOL Downloads page.

Step 3

Choose AOL Desktop Version 10.1 and click the "Download Now" button. You will be prompted to either run or save the application.

Step 4

Click "Run" and allow the AOL Internet software to download. Downloading time will depend on your Internet connectivity speeds.

Step 5

Open the downloaded AOL software and check all the features.