What Are Anytime Minutes on AT&T Wireless?

by Amrita Chuasiriporn

If you're an AT&T wireless customer, your plan may include something AT&T calls "Anytime Minutes." No matter what plan you have, to make the best use of it, it's important to understand what Anytime Minutes are and how they work. At first glance, the name may appear to tell you all you need to know. However, they can be applied to your phone usage in a few different ways.

Anytime Minutes

Anytime Minutes are regular airtime minutes included in the AT&T wireless package to which you subscribe. As their name implies, you can use them any time of day or night, as long as you have minutes left on your plan. If your phone call ends in the middle of a minute, AT&T rounds that time up to the next minute for billing purposes. For example, if your phone call actually takes 13 minutes and 20 seconds, AT&T considers the length of that call to be 14 minutes when the company sends you your bill.

Rollover Minutes

AT&T allows you to save unused Anytime Minutes from one billing cycle to the next. Say you have a plan with 500 Anytime Minutes per month, and you only use 400 minutes before the month is over. The remaining 100 Anytime Minutes are rolled over from month to month, until you use them, for up to 12 months. That way, if you exceed your plan's allotted number of minutes, you can use those rollover minutes to avoid overage charges.

Night & Weekend Minutes

If your plan features Unlimited Nights and Weekends, talking during the time period AT&T defines as "night" or "weekend" doesn't impact your Anytime Minutes at all. However, if your plan includes a certain number of Night and Weekend minutes, and you exceed those minutes, your plan will use your Anytime Minutes until you run out of them. After that point, you'll begin to accrue overage charges if you are still making and receiving phone calls during that billing period.


Not all plans AT&T offers include Rollover Minutes. If your plan does, it will explicitly say that Rollover Minutes are included. As of June 2011, this feature is available on individual plans and family packages. If you're an AT&T wireless customer, and are unsure of what features are included in your plan, consult your most recent billing statement for detailed information. You can also log into the myAT&T website to view your current plan information, as well as your billing and usage history.

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