How to Get Another Internet Cable Connection From Comcast

by Helen Holzer
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Comcast can install Internet in any building that supports a cable TV connection. Comcast download speeds with PowerBoost reach up to 15 Mbps (megabits per second). Customers can do the installation themselves, or Comcast technicians can install the service. Comcast customers also have the option of adding an additional Internet cable outlet connection. Requesting another Internet cable connection from Comcast is a simple process.

Step 1

Check to see if your area is served by Comcast. To order Comcast High Speed Internet (CHSI) service, call 800-266-2278. You can also visit and click on "Shop." After selecting your services and your installation date, you'll be connected via chat with a sales agent.

Step 2

Order Internet service as well as another Internet cable connection.

Step 3

Install a modem by yourself or with Comcast. Attach your second Comcast Internet coaxial cable connection to a second modem or to a wired or wireless router. You can purchase or rent the modems. The modem is attached to an Ethernet card in your computer, which Comcast can supply for desktop computers. Laptops require you to purchase a PCMCIA card or use a USB port. You can keep your existing phone modem connected for faxing or for other dial-up needs.

Choose self-installation or Comcast's Premium installation by technicians. The self-install kit includes an information CD, cable splitter, 3-foot coaxial cable for the cable outlet to the splitter, 20-foot coaxial cable for the area between the splitter and the cable modem and nail-in cable clips to secure cable to the walls. If you rent a modem, the kit also includes a USB cable and a CAT5 cable to connect the modem to an Ethernet port. Premium installation takes one to two hours. It includes testing your signal strength and installing any additional cable outlets. A technician connects the modem or modems to the outlet and to the network, configures your computers and registers the modems.


  • Comcast includes a security package, seven e-mail accounts and more than 3,500 live games on


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