Announcing a Promotion on Facebook

By Melly Parker

Facebook is one way to announce any promotions your company is running. Not only will it help the promotion gain more attention, it will remind customers who know about the promotion to take advantage of it before the offer ends. Since Facebook has such a visual layout, take advantage of it to capture the attention of your customers between other status updates and announcements on their newsfeeds.

Create an image announcing the promotion. It should have a relevant graphic and bold, readable text that includes the terms of the promotion, when it begins and when it ends.

Add your business name and logo, if you have one, to the image you've created. If people share the promotion post with friends, you want the new viewers to be able to trace it back to your company.

Log in to Facebook and click on the name of your business in the left sidebar.

Scroll past the admin panel and click "Photo/Video," then choose "Attach Photo/Video" and "Choose File."

Select the image you created to announce the promotion and click "Open." Type "Announcing [this company's] latest promotion!" in the text box above the image. Click "Post" to share the promotion on your business timeline.


To reach more people with your post, you can choose to Promote it. Promoting your post keeps it high in users' timelines so more people see it.


Facebook guidelines prohibit you from requiring a user to "like" your page to enter the promotion. Likewise, sharing and commenting on posts cannot be required.

You must run your actual promotion (if it is an Internet promotion) through an app on Facebook. Announcing it, however, can be done on your business timeline.