What Is an ANL Fuse?

By Lissabeth Ross

If you've done any work on revamping your car stereo, or have encountered any difficulties with your car stereo then you've probably heard of an ANL fuse. These small devices play an important role in your car audio system.

The ANL Fuse

The ANL fuse is the most common fuse in car audio systems. These fuses range in size from 35 amps up to 750 amps.

What an ANL Fuse Does

The ANL Fuse is designed to protect the main wire to your car stereo. This wire is more difficult to replace than the stereo itself.

Components of an ANL Fuse

The ANL fuse components include the fuse itself, which is flat shaped with two different shaped metal prongs on either end and the fuse holder. The holder has two screws which are used to fasten the holder in place. A set screw and bushing in the holder keep the power line in place.

Replacing an ANL Fuse

If you need to replace an ANL fuse, it is very important to replace it with a fuse of the exact same amperage. A different rated fuse will likely cause serious electrical damage. Fuses are relatively inexpensive to replace.