The Best Android App for Texting Multiple Recipients

by Chad Davis

The ability to send messages to multiple recipients is an important feature of non-stock Android messaging applications. Many apps serve as excellent alternatives to traditional SMS text messaging and multimedia messaging apps.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best alternatives to traditional SMS with the option to send messages to multiple recipients. WhatsApp's popularity is partially due to its ability to fully integrate with Android's existing address book. As a result, WhatsApp identifies contacts in the address book that have the app installed on their devices and populates a unique address book with their contact information. Group messaging on WhatsApp Messenger operates the same as stock SMS with the ability to reply and track threaded conversations.


According to, GO SMS Pro is among the 100 best Android apps of 2013 under the "Communication" category. GO SMS Pro offers advanced group SMS/MMS for communicating with multiple recipients. These group chats are viewable as threaded conversations with the option to reply to individual contacts or an entire group. Go SMS Pro fully integrates with the Android OS, replacing the need to use the stock Android Messaging app. GO SMS Pro is fully customizable with themes.

Handcent SMS

What separates Handcent SMS's group messaging features from other Android messaging apps is its extension of messaging limitations. With Handcent, users can send up to 1,100 messages per hour -- one thousand more than Android's stock limitation. For users needing to send hundreds of group SMS messages per hour, the Handcent SMS app may be one of the best choices. In addition to group messaging, Handcent SMS offers unique security features such as password protection and hidden messages.

Group Texting + Text Messaging

Group Texting + Text Messaging is a straightforward Android app developed by OneLouder Apps to enhance group messaging functionality. Fully integrated with SMS, this app creates "POWOWs" (group chats) for up to ten contacts at a time. Some advanced features of Group Texting + Text Messaging include Emoji emoticons support, multimedia attachments and number blacklisting.

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