Why Am I Receiving Two of Each Email in My Outlook Express?

by Terrance Karter

Duplicate email messages appear in Outlook Express from time to time for a variety of reasons. Eliminating them is an important way to keep your inbox uncluttered and organized. Understanding why you get them, so you can avoid having them in the future, is another way of keeping your email systems clean and up-to-date.

Outlook/Outlook Express

If you use both Outlook and Outlook Express, but have the same email and password for both, you might get messages that show up twice in your inbox. This is because the system is reading the messages once for Outlook and once for Outlook Express. It will send both to your inbox.

More Than One Computer

You can get two of each email if you use Outlook Express with the same account on more than one computer. The Outlook Express program will be installed on both, which means it will read your account twice. If it does, it will send you your messages twice as well.

Importing Address Books or Information

When you import address books or other pieces of information to your Outlook Express file, sometimes duplicate information is sent along too. If you've been importing anything from an email account to your Outlook Express, this is probably why you are getting duplicates.


Some computer viruses or hacking programs can cause certain messages to appear more than once. This is mostly a glitch, and it should stop as soon as you have solved the original virus problem.

How to Prevent Them

You can prevent the duplicate email messages from showing up by using only Outlook Express on one computer if possible. Don't switch between Outlook and Outlook Express, as this can cause duplicates. Also, don't import files like contact lists or saved files from another email account into your Outlook Express, because doing so might cause duplicates. You can download "Remove Duplicates" from Outlook Express, a program specifically tailored to remove those duplicate messages. Once you download and install this program, run it on your computer with Outlook Express already running. It will erase the duplicates.

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