Aluminum Soffit Camera Installation

By Cameron Easey

Security cameras that are used to monitor the outside of a house or building can be installed in a variety of locations, such as a soffit. These types of cameras are concealed inside of a dome that is part of the camera housing. To do this you need to have a camera that is designed to be installed in this type of material. This will allow you to easily connect the camera cable for power and optics.

Step 1

Place the drill-hole template from the mounting kit on the soffit. Draw an outline of the mounting hole and the drill holes with the pencil.

Step 2

Drill the mounting holes with the power drill. Drill a hole inside the outline for the mounting hole. Cut around the outline with the tin snips.

Step 3

Insert the soffit mount into the hole. Align the holes in the soffit mount with the holes you drilled in the soffit. Secure the soffit mount to the soffit with screws using the screwdriver.

Step 4

Place the camera housing into the mount and connect the camera cables.

Step 5

Set the soffit trim ring over the top of the soffit. Secure the soffit trim ring to the soffit mount by using screws.