Alternative to Time Warner Cable

By Steven Hill

Time Warner Cable operates in the highly competitive telecommunications market.
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Depending on your budget and preferences, you may wish to change your service provider from Time Warner Cable to an alternative service. You should compare availability, pricing and features before changing. Time Warner Cable offers TV, Internet, phone and mobile services. Check your level of service and package details against those of Time Warner Cable's competitors.


Comcast offers consumers phone, Internet and television services. Their phone services include packages with unlimited international calling and long distance. Television packages start with a basic service including 80 channels. They also offer high speed Internet service and mobile Internet service. Comcast's "Triple Play" bundle offers Internet, TV and phone service at a single monthly cost.


Charter provides HD and DVR television packages with more than 1000 available HD channels, but programming is dependent on your location. Charter's Internet service comes in five different tiers ranging in speed from 1 Mbps to 60 Mbps. Their phone service has available features such as voicemail and caller ID. This company offers several different bundles, including three-service and two-service bundles.

Dish Network

In addition to television services, Dish Network provides Internet and phone service through other providers. These providers change depending on your area. Dish Network specializes in offering a wide variety of TV programming and packages. These range from a basic package to packages with additional HD, sports, pay-per-view and premium movie channels. Dish Network also offers local channels, international packages and packages aimed at Spanish-speaking viewers.


AT&T provides telephone, TV, mobile and Internet services. Television plans include basic DirecTV plans and U-Verse digital TV plans. Mobile plans and prices vary by the mobile device. AT&T offers dial-up, DSL, satellite and "U-Verse" Internet access. Bundles combing different services are also available.