Alpine Car Alarm Remote Instructions

By Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Having an Alpine security system in your vehicle gives users the peace of mind of knowing that their vehicle and belongings are protected. Alpine vehicle security systems come with remotes that provide additional features such as a panic alarm, keyless entry and a valet mode. Learning to program and use an Alpine car alarm remote is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Battery Information

The remote controls for your Alpine car alarm system are each powered by a 12-volt battery. For best performance, the manufacturer recommends using alkaline batteries, rather than rechargeable, to power your remote controls. When used to power devices such as car alarm remotes, the average life of a 12-volt battery is a year.


Before you can use your Alpine car security system, you must program the remote to communicate with the main alarm unit. This is done from the inside of your vehicle. Begin by holding down the "Disarm/Valet" switch on the main alarm unit. The "Disarm/Valet" switch must be held down throughout the entire programming process. Before the unit enters "Valet" mode, press the "Reset" button on the main unit. The LED light on the car alarm remote will begin to flash. When it does, press the remote's "TX" button. If the code sequence was successful, you will hear two chirps to confirm. You can repeat this procedure to program multiple car alarm remotes. When you are done programming, release the "Disarm/Valet" switch on the main alarm unit.

Remote Function Buttons

The four buttons on an Alpine car alarm remote are used to perform a variety of functions. The "TX/Panic" button is used to sound the car's alarm manually should you find yourself in a dangerous situation. The alarm can be disabled by pressing the "Valet" button. The "Valet" button can also be held to put the alarm in valet mode. To cycle through the alarm's other modes, press the "Mode" button. The final button on the car alarm remote control is used for keyless entry.