How to Alphabetize in Smartsheet

by Steve McDonnell

Suppose you have a Smartsheet spreadsheet of club members and an alphabetical list of members who attended your most recent club event. You want to update a field on the spreadsheet for each member who attended, but your Smartsheet spreadsheet is ordered by ZIP code. Rather than hunt for each member name, you can alphabetize the data on the spreadsheet to make it easier to find and update the attendance field.


Click the drop-down arrow under any column heading on the spreadsheet and choose "Sort Rows" to sort all data on your Smartsheet spreadsheet.


Click the row number of the first row containing data you want to alphabetize if you only want to alphabetize a portion of the data. Hold down the Shift key and click the row number of the last row of the data you want to alphabetize so that all the data you want in alphabetical order is highlighted. Click the drop-down arrow next to any of the highlighted rows and choose "Sort Rows."


Press the arrow on the drop-down box to select the text field by which you want to alphabetize your data, such as "Last Name." Choose "Sort Ascending" to sort in alphabetical order or "Sort Descending" to sort in reverse-alphabetical order. Select another field to sort for members who have the same last name, such as "First Name."


Click "OK" to sort your data.


  • close Make sure that you click row numbers when selecting data so that all columns are selected. If your selection doesn't include all columns, only the columns you highlighted will be sorted and the unsorted columns will no longer correspond to the other values on the same row.

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