How to Alphabetize Names in WordPerfect

By Carol Adams

Quickly alphabetize a list of typed names using WordPerfect.
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WordPerfect is a word processor sold by the Corel Corp. It is the primary competitor to Microsoft Word. It is widely used by businesses, schools and private individuals to create documents. It has a number of useful tools, functions and wizards to help the new user quickly produce quality work. One of the most useful features in a busy office situation is the "Sort" function. This comes in handy if you have just created a long list of names and would like to alphabetize them.

Open WordPerfect. Select "File" from the menu and choose "Open." In the dialog that appears, locate the file with the names you want to alphabetize.

Use the mouse to highlight the list of names. Select "Tools" from the menu and from the options choose "Sort." A new dialog will open.

Go to the listed options and set "Sort By" to "First Word in Line." Click "Sort" and the list of names will automatically be rearranged alphabetically. Save your work.