How to Allow Web Pages to Auto-refresh or Reload in Firefox

By Naomi Bolton

Auto-refresh Web pages to ensure the content is up to date.
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Websites that rely on always having the latest information on the front page can include special code that automatically refreshes or reloads the page after a set amount of time. You can disable this function from your browser settings if you find it annoying or disorienting when frequenting sites that auto-refresh. In order to allow this feature again, you must enable it either from the Firefox general options tab or the configuration page. With the use of add-ons or Web services, this feature can also be enabled on Web pages that do not support it natively.

Firefox Advanced Options

You can enable the auto-refresh from Firefox Advanced Options by clicking the orange Firefox button on the top left corner of the browser and then clicking "Options." From the list of options, select "Advanced." Under the "General" tab, in the "Accessibility" section, you will be able to remove the check mark next to "Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page" to allow the auto-refresh or reload feature.

Firefox About Config

You can also configure Firefox manually by entering "about:config" in the browser's address bar. A warning message will appear; click on "I'll be careful, I promise!" to be able to continue. Next, type "Accessibility.blockautorefresh" in the search box at the top of the page. Double-click the "true" value next to this preference to set it to "false" and allow the browser pages to auto-refresh.

Web Services

Free online services such as Page Reboot, Refresh This and UrlReload (links in Resources) allow you to auto-refresh Web pages even if this feature is not including in the coding of the pages. These services work on all browsers, including Mozilla Firefox. To make use of an auto-refresh service, enter the URL of the site as well as the refresh interval in the required input boxes. Once you start the service, the Web pages will continually refresh at the set intervals until you stop the service. These types of services typically display a small toolbar at the top of the page indicating the refresh intervals.


If you want to automatically refresh or reload Web pages but prefer not to use external Web services, the same results can be achieved with Firefox add-ons. Firefox has a selection of free add-ons such as Tab Auto Reload and Auto Refresh (links in Resources) that can be integrated with your browser. Add-ons can cause browser instability and sometimes contain advertising as well, so be careful when adding these to Firefox. Add-ons can also become outdated and cease to function if the browser is updated.