How to Allow Cookies on a Proxy

By Greyson Ferguson

Proxy websites block out your computer's Internet information so others can't see it.
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Sometimes while surfing the Internet you want to browse pages anonymously. This hides your IP address so the website you are visiting is not able to track your movements, see what region of the world you are from or what operating system is installed on your computer. To do so, you need to use a proxy, which is a website that blocks out all this information. However, some Web pages do not load unless cookies are enabled. Because of this, you must enable the cookies on the proxy website you are using.

Navigate to a proxy website. There are hundreds of different proxies available. Several are listed in "Resources."

Check off "Allow Coookies," directly below the Web page's URL bar. This activates and allows cookies with the site.

Type in the page you want to visit in the website's URL bar (not the URL bar at the top of the browser) and press "Enter." The page while protecting your IP address.