How to Create Albums Of Your Photos On Flickr

by Paul Higgins

Organizing your pictures into virtual photo albums helps you locate photos faster when browsing your Flickr Photostream. In addition, grouping photos by theme or location helps improve the overall experience of your visitors. Like other image sharing platforms, Flickr lets you both create and delete photo albums.

Creating a Photo Album

Open the Albums page by hovering your cursor over You in the Flickr toolbar and selecting Albums.


  • Certain pages on Flickr do not display the standard toolbar -- and therefore the You option. If you do not see the toolbar, click on the Flickr icon to return to the site's home page.

Add New Album icon on the Albums page.

Create a new album by clicking the Add New Album icon. After clicking the icon, Flickr loads the album creation page.

Album creation page.

The album creation page contains three distinct areas:

  • A bottom row with the photos from your Photostream.
  • A main content area that contains the photos you chose to include in your album.
  • An album details sidebar, with name and description fields.

To add photos to your album, drag them from the Photostream row to the main content area.


    • Once you have finished adding photos to your album, you can move those photos around in the main content area to re-arrange them. Alternatively, open the Arrange menu to sort the photos by date or alphabetically.
    • Drag photos from the main content area to the Photostream row to remove them from the album.
Name and description fields with Save button at the bottom.

Give your album a name and description and click on Save to finish the album creation process.


  • Select an alternate album cover by dragging a photo from the main content area to the cover icon above the name field.


  • Unlike the photos they contain, Flickr albums are always public. Therefore, do not enter anything in the description or name fields you would not be comfortable sharing with strangers.

Deleting a Photo Album

Delete This Album link at the top of the main content area.

To delete an existing photo album, select the album from the Albums page and click on Delete This Album at the top of the main content area.


  • Deleting a photo album does not erase the pictures it contains.

Sorting Your Photo Albums

You can change the order in which the site displays your albums by hovering your mouse over You in the toolbar and selecting Organize.

Albums & Collections page.

Open the Albums & Collections tab to view your existing albums and drag the album icons to re-arrange them. Flickr automatically saves your new display order when you leave the page.

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