How to Configure a D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Router

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

A router transmits Internet signals to a computer network.
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D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G wireless routers are used for high-speed Internet. In fact, they provide data transfers of up to 108 Mbps. You can configure your router to keep your wireless network secure. Not securing it is the equivalent of leaving the network wide open for anyone to access.

Connect a cable from your modem to one of the ports on the back of the router.

Type the router's IP address -- --into your browser's address bar and hit "Enter." This will take you to the log-in page for your router.

Type "admin" as the username and type "password" as the password. Click "OK."

Change the SSID to a term that is familiar to you. You can use anything that you can easily remember for this setting.

Select "Enabled" to set WEP as the security setting and assign the level of encryption you want -- 64-bit or 128-bit.

Select a key type -- either HEX or ASCII and enter a pass code that you can remember, such as orange1234. Click "Apply" to complete your router's configuration.

Disconnect the Internet cable you connected in Step 1.


You will need the SSID and WEP keys to set up your wireless clients.