How to Aim a Yagi Antenna (6 Steps)

By William Lynch

A Yagi antenna must be pointed in the right direction to pick up a signal.
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The Yagi antenna is a powerful form of directional antenna that may enhance cell phone and Wi-Fi reception. Because it relies on clear line-of-sight for optimum results, aiming a Yagi antenna requires precision to ensure it's pointed directly at its desired signal source. A poorly aligned antenna greatly reduces signal reception and compromises device performance.

Step 1

Mount the Yagi antenna horizontally with its elements in a vertical position pointing straight up and down.

Step 2

Position the Yagi antenna directly at the targeted cell tower or signal source. Try to achieve the most direct, unobstructed line of sight between the antenna and the signal source.

Step 3

Connect your cell phone to the Yagi antenna via the external adapter and coaxial cable.

Step 4

Set your cell phone to Test Mode. The exact instructions will vary by phone. If uncertain how to access Test Mode, please consult your phone's owner's manual for precise directions.

Step 5

Turn the Yagi antenna 10 degrees. Wait a few seconds for your cell phone to update. Note the phone's signal strength. Repeat the step, turning the antenna 10 degrees and noting the signal strength, until you find the best possible reception.

Step 6

Fully tighten the mounting clamps to secure the Yagi antenna in place. Disconnect the external cell phone adapter and coaxial cable.