How to Aim a Direct TV Antenna

By Pamela Gardapee

A properly aimed Direct TV antenna will pick up the satellite information correctly so your television programming is not interrupted by a weak signal. You can aim the antenna yourself with just a few tools.

Step 1

Turn on the TV and the satellite receiver. Press "ST," "Action" and "Guide" to find the main menu. Arrow up to "Set Up." On the next screen, press "Installation" and another screen will appear showing the signal strength. Press "Position" and then add your zip code. Press "OK" to see the Azimuth, elevation and rotation. Write down these numbers as they appear on your screen. Press "OK" to return to the signal strength.

Step 2

Ask someone to sit inside and monitor the signal strength as you are positioning the dish.

Step 3

Loosen the nuts holding the dish on the mounting bracket to adjust the elevation. They just have to be loosened enough to tilt the dish up or down. Look at your elevation number and move the dish up a tick mark or down depending on how the dish was aimed when it was installed. Look at the tick number so that you set the dish according to the number you saw on the screen. This number alignment can be off by two degrees up or down. Tighten the nuts.

Step 4

Set the Azimuth by loosening the nut for the LNB arm. This will allow you to move the dish from side to side. Have the person inside watch the signal strength as you move the dish. You can use a compass for this step or slightly move the dish to the left and check the signal. If the signal worsens, move the dish back where it was and go in the opposite direction until you have a signal strength of 80 or more. Tighten the nuts.