What Is Adware Generic?

By JC Torpey

Adware is a type of virus.
i virus alert image by Pontus Edenberg from Fotolia.com

Adware Generic is a type of program known as malware, which is any malicious software that intends to harm your computer or to steal information or money from you. A computer owner usually installs an Adware program without intending to.

Other Names

Adware Generic has 38 other names and they vary depending on the antivirus program that detected the infection. These names include Downloader from Symantec, Adware-BDSearch from McAfee and TROJ_AGENT.ITM from Trend Micro.

Infection Installation

The Adware Generic software program installs itself alongside other software programs, usually tool bars. When the computer owner downloads what he thinks is a legitimate tool bar for installation on his browser, the Adware downloads with the tool bar, usually in the same program, and installs itself into the browser.


Symptoms of an Adware generic infection include excessive pop-ups, excessive advertisements for rogue antivirus programs (antivirus programs that are actually malware), slow Internet connection and redirection of a uniform resource locator (URL) to an unintended destination.


Because of the malicious nature of Adware Generic and its other variations, immediate removal is necessary. Download one of the many different removal programs available that are known to remove this particular adware, install it and run it to remove the Adware Generic infection.


Sometimes manual removal is necessary by editing the Windows Registry, however this can cause massive damage if done incorrectly. Consult an information technology professional for advice and help.