How to Advertise a Social Networking Website for Free

by Catherine Johnson

You have a great idea for a new kind of social networking website and have worked very hard to get it set up and built. Now you need to know how to cost-effectively advertise it so that your website receives traffic and users. The best way to spread the word about your new site is to tap into the power of online social media sites. By targeting the users of other social networks, you will be directly advertising to the very people who are most likely to visit your new website.

Create a Facebook page for your new social networking website. Join Facebook groups that target your market demographic. You want to aim for tech-savvy users who constantly try out new social media sites and have an active online social life. Leave comments and fan posts on user pages, promoting your new site and asking them to visit and try it out.

Create a MySpace account for your social networking website. Start adding as many friends as you can, once again targeting your market demographic. Send out bulletins to your friends about your new site, and leave comments on their profiles encouraging them to visit your social networking website.

Create a free Twitter account for your social networking website. Start following as many people as you can, and pay particular attention to social media specialists who are on Twitter. Your Twitter updates should directly engage with people, and you should use Twitter as a platform for disseminating information about your site as well as answering any questions people may have about it.

Create a free blog on either Blogger or Wordpress. Create blog posts where you discuss the different features of your social networking website and what makes your site unique. Write about ideas and other features that you intend to implement or are currently developing. You can also use your blog to share any company or site news. Make sure your blog is indexed with Google and submit its feed to and any other blog aggregation site. When people search for technology news or information on new social networking start-up websites, they will be able to find your blog.

Contact social media leaders and bloggers. Ask if you can provide them with a beta invitation to your new social networking website. If influential bloggers provide an excellent review about your new site, their readers will be excited and interested in trying out your social network.

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