How to Advertise on Craigslist and Sell Items Faster

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Have you ever wondered how to advertise on craigslist so that items sell faster? If you've ever placed ads on craigslist, you know that some items sell very quickly, while others can take days and even weeks to sell. Fortunately, there are things you can do to sell your items fast and make some cash. Here are some suggestions.

Clean the item before you advertise it on craigslist. Often, all you need to do is wash, polish or dust an item to make it look better-buyers like to feel that they're getting their money's worth, and following this suggestion can help the items you advertise on craigslist sell faster.

Take a good picture. It helps when shoppers can see a picture of the item or items before driving out to look at it. It also helps to arrange neatly anything that'll be visible in the picture. Make sure that there aren't any shoes or clothes on the floor. It'll make your picture appear more professional.

Mention any imperfections, not doing so may only result in a waste of time for both parties.

Determine whether an item is multipurpose. For instance, you can use an iron rack in the bathroom to arrange towels or in the kitchen to display ceramic dishes. You may also be able to use it as a plant rack on the porch. Mentioning this when you advertise your items may catch the shopper's attention and help them think of ways to use your item.

Check your email and respond to inquiries promptly. Craigslist shoppers will normally send inquiries on multiple items, and will buy from the one that they hear back from first. Failing to respond quickly can cost you a sale and your item will take longer to sell.


  • check Using your creativity when you advertise on craigslist, or anywhere else, is important in order for items to sell faster. Particularly while going through difficult financial times, shoppers don't want to spend money on items they don't need.


  • close Avoid exaggerations. Don't say something is in like-new or mint condition if it's scratched, dented, rusted or stained.

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