The Advantages of Safari Web Browser

By Kevin Lee

Safari's fraudulent site detector helps you surf the Web securely.
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With some features that mimic the iPhone, Apple's Safari browser gives Web surfers an alternative way to experience the Internet. With more than 250 features, Safari has a few advantages that distinguish it from competing products such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Whether you use a Mac or a Windows device, you can test drive Safari and determine if its features are compelling enough for you to make it your main browsing tool.

Cover Flow Graphics

If you like the iPhone's Cover Flow, you may also like the way Safari displays bookmarks and history items. Cover Flow is the three-dimensional animated graphical display that lets iPhone users flip through album covers. Safari uses the same user interface to display your history items and bookmarks as images you can flip through quickly. When you find a bookmark or history items you'd like to view, tap or click it and Safari takes you to the website.

Advanced History Search

Suppose you visited a travel site weeks ago and discovered great deal on a Caribbean cruise. If you'd like to find that website later using a regular browser, you have to remember a word from the website's title and type that into your history search. Safari takes a different approach to history storage and saves all the text of every page visit. This makes it possible for you to search for word that you saw on a Web page you visited in the past. For instance, if you recall seeing "Caribbean cruise" on your travel site, type that into Safari's search box and it displays search results that match that query.

Reading Lists

Some browsers, such as Firefox, enable you to install add-ons that you save Web pages you'd like to view later. Safari built this functionality into its user interface so you don’t have to install anything to use it. Simply click an icon to open your reading list panel and click “Add” to save the current Web page to the reading list. Visit any page in the list by clicking its name. Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome also have has add-ons that can enhance your browsing experience; Safari and Chrome call their add-ons “extensions.”

Recent Searches

One way to research productively is to remember queries you've already made. If you use a browser such as Firefox to enter search queries, you won't be able to view a list of your most recent searches easily. However, if you click the magnifying glass icon in Safari's search bar, it shows your recent search queries. You can then send one of those queries to your default search engine by clicking it. A list of alternative search engines appears below the list of recent queries. You can click one those search engines and then click a recent search query to perform that search using that search engine.

Safari Reader

Remove the clutter from a Web page and you may enjoy it more and read it faster. Safari has a special reader that can remove the clutter from articles you discover and display them in an elegant format that eliminates advertisements and other distractions. When you encounter a Web page that has an article, click the "Reader" button that appears to switch to the reader view. Click the button again to return to your normal browsing view.