Advantages of Dial-Up Connections

By Chris Blank

For many computer users, high-speed Internet service is a must. However, dial-up connections have some advantages, despite slow transmission speeds. In fact, for some users, dial-up Internet service may be the best choice.

Lower Price

Dial-up service is much cheaper than broadband service. For sending basic email messages, dial-up makes much more sense than paying for broadband service, which can cost twice as much or more. Also, dial-up comes with no contract obligations, which means no penalties for early cancellation.

Safer Connections

Dial-up connections are assigned a new Internet provider (IP) address each time a user accesses the service. Many broadband connections are "always on," which means the user has the same IP address all the time. This can make it easier for hackers to target a broadband user with viruses and Trojans. Dial-up connections can also be safer than most Wi-Fi connections because transmissions are less likely to be intercepted by unauthorized users.

Portable Access

With broadband Internet access, using the service away from home can be problematic or impossible. On the other hand, dial-up Internet service is accessible nearly anywhere phone service is available. The user only needs to dial an access number assigned to the region where she happens to be located at the time.

Easy Set-Up

Nearly all computers have modems built in, and the vast majority of homes in the United States have land-line phone service. Except for an access number and an email client to download messages, nothing else is needed to send and receive email. In fact, it's possible to access messages for most email services through a web browser, although slow transmission speeds may make this an impractical alternative.


Almost all broadband Internet connections depend on a router powered by electricity. In the case of a power outage, Internet service is interrupted. However, land-line phone service often remains functional even in heavy storms. Thus, with a laptop that has a charged battery, you can conceivably continue to get Internet service during a blackout if you have dial-up.